So with great thanks to Busabout and DeMontfort University, I will be making my way around Europe this summer to explore the opportunities out there for students and young travellers on a budget! My job is to blog, tweet and facebook my findings along the way! I want to encourage you all to create a concept of culture beyond your own, to see the world beyond the student union on a Wednesday night and your weekend bar job. Most university students have around four months free time over the summer, why don’t you return to the next academic year with amazing stories from all over Europe instead of spending your days stuck in a drab summer job!

Keep Calm
I know what you’re all thinking “I need the money” “I need the work experience”. As a student myself I understand your dilemma, however travelling provides life skills that all major employers seek. It means you are responsible, mature, independent and can adapt to different environments and situations. These are all transferable skills to a working environment and make you stand out from the crowd! Given the current climate for struggling graduates this kind of experience would certainly give you the edge over the competition.

Solo. Female. Traveler.
Nervous? Yes!
This is part of the reason why I approached Busabout as a favourable travel organisation. They offer an online “community” before you go travelling which allows you to get talking to others in the same position. However, I get the feeling that as long as you’re outgoing, easy to talk to and confident then you will have no problem making friends along the way!

Mission Statement
I fly to Berlin on the 10th June 2013. I have mapped out a few stops after Berlin but will share with you my plans as and when I make them. I want to see the sights, experience culture and food. I have not yet thought about how many shoes to limit myself, whether to bring along the straighteners, or whether to go with a rucksack or suitcase!

If any of you are in the same position or are preparing to travel yourself don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll write a post specific to your query!